ARTISAN BB Face Powder (S)


An Asian Beauty Heritage.

Made with pearl powder, thanaka powder, Coix Lacryma Jobi ( Job’s tears) to smoothen skin, reduce acne and pimples, lighten pigmentation spots. Color corrected to be worn as a one step makeup up powder. Apply your skin care and buff powder all over face.

One Step BB Face Powder

Makeup(Medium Coverage), Sun Protection, Skin Care in one step.


Buff over moisturised face in a circular motion with a kabuki brush and ping! you can skip out of the door.



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Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg


Skincare, SunProtection, Makeup in one step.

Apply powder over your favorite skincare and your makeup is done!



Limonia Acidissimia L. (Thanaka Powder), Coix Lacryma Extract (Coix Seed Powder), Pearl Powder, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides





Application Tips

Application with Puff.

Dab and apply all over face.

Application with Kabuki brush ( For Best effect)

Get some powder onto the puff/palm of your hand. Dip Kabuki brush into powder and buff ( apply in circular motion) into face.


Note: This is not a magic powder. It does not cover pores. If you would like a flawless finish, dab some concealer or liquid foundation sparingly as base before the powder.



Please refer to expo date on container.


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